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The fourth round of the Bundesliga is over on Saturday! Royce scored, Dortmund narrowly beat Hoffenheim; Bremen made a thrilling draw with Freiburg away; Stuttgart took a three-pointer from Hertha Berlin; Leverkusen defeated Mainz by one goal; Leipzig beat Augus Fort, continue to lead the standings; Lewanmuller scored twice and Bayern Munich beat Bielefeld; Monchengladbach and Wolfsburg shook hands.


霍芬海姆 0-1 多特蒙德

霍芬海姆 0-1 多特蒙德

At 21:30 on October 17, Beijing time, Dortmund was a guest in Sinsheim to challenge Hoffenheim. In the final battle of last season, it was Klamarić who staged a shocking four-stroke, giving the Yellow and Black Army the largest home score in history. In this campaign, Dortmund is aiming for revenge.


In the 4th minute of the game, Hoffenheim, who was at home, took the lead! Skoou made a cross at a 45-degree angle, and Gasinović outflanked the open and shoveled the goal. The ball flew out of the baseline against the near post! In the 8th minute, Pišček made a long pass from the backcourt, and Sancho penetrated into the right rib of the penalty area at high speed. Unfortunately, the last volley shot failed to gain strength and was easily resolved by Bowman. In the 19th minute, Belle Fody used the time difference to send a pass, and Gasinovic had a low shot from the left side of the penalty area by Hitts. In the 35th minute, Reina used the rhythm to change the opponent and then the pass was blocked. Then Scoou made a low shot from a small angle to clear the goal line! In the 37th minute, Dortmund had a right corner kick and Munier's header popped on the goal beam. At the end of the game, the two sides drew 0-0.

在比赛的第4分钟,在家的霍芬海姆(Hoffenheim)取得了领先! Skoou以45度角横传,Gasinović越过空位并铲入球门。球从近端柱子飞出基线!第8分钟,皮什切克从后场长传,桑乔高速冲入禁区右肋。不幸的是,最后一次凌空抽射未能获得力量,鲍曼轻松地将其解决。在第19分钟,百丽·福迪(Belle Fody)利用时差发送了一个传球,而加西诺维奇(Hatts)在禁区左侧低射。在第35分钟,Reina用节奏改变对手,然后传球被挡住。然后,斯科(Scoou)从一个小角度低射,将球打入界线!在第37分钟,多特蒙德右脚踢出一脚,穆尼尔的头球跳到球门梁上。比赛结束时,双方0-0战平。

After another side battle, Dortmund gradually strengthened its offensive and replaced them with Royce and Harland to put pressure on the Huo village defense line. In the 75th minute, Royce made a continuous inside cut on the right and shot with his left foot. Unfortunately, Bowman responded quickly and slid the ball with his arm. In the 77th minute, the connection between Harland and Royce, who came off the bench, was completed! Harland got a single chance against offside, and then passed the ball to Royce who was in a better position, who easily pushed the ball into the empty goal! 0-1!

在另一场边战之后,多特蒙德逐渐加强了进攻,并用罗伊斯和哈兰德代替了他们,向霍村的防线施加了压力。在第75分钟,罗伊斯(Royce)在右侧连续进行内切并用左脚射门。不幸的是,鲍曼迅速做出反应,并用手臂将球滑了下来。在第77分钟内,替补席上的Harland和Royce之间的联系完成了!哈兰德越位获得一次机会,然后将球传给了处于更佳位置的罗伊斯,后者轻松将球推向空门! 0-1!

In the 79th minute, Guerrero made a coquettish pass from outside the penalty area, and Harland kept up and hit the goal slightly out of the far corner! In the 83rd minute, Harland hit the left column with a small angle burst after connecting with a straight plug! In the 85th minute, Guerrero hit the penalty area along the baseline and sent an inverted triangle cross. Reina followed the penalty spot and shot high!


At the end of the game, Dortmund defeated Hoffenheim, who lacked Klamarić, with a score of 1-0. Favre’s 300th Bundesliga game finally scored three points!


Augsburg 0-2 RB Leipzig

奥格斯堡0-2 RB莱比锡

At 21:30 on October 17, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Bundesliga ushered in the first battle! Augsburg, who ranked second, played against top RB Leipzig at the WWK Arena at home. Affected by the epidemic, the game was eventually changed to an empty field.

北京时间10月17日21:30,德甲第四轮迎来了第一战!排名第二的奥格斯堡在主场WWK竞技场与顶级莱比锡(RB Leipzig)比赛。受该流行病的影响,该游戏最终被更改为空白区域。

In the first half, RB Leipzig had the advantage on the field. Red Bull was the first to organize the first threatening offensive. Nkunku made an inverted triangle cross, Olmo put in a push and was blocked by Kikiwitz! In the 34th minute, Augsburg took a free kick on the right, Strobl jumped high and shook his head to attack the goal, but the speed of the ball was too fast to eat the right part. At the end of the first half, RB Leipzig took the lead in breaking the deadlock! Olmo made a pass from the right, Angelinho, who was not too tall, pushed in and pressed Framberg with a header and scored the goal! 0-1! Red Bull entered the second half with a goal lead.

上半年,莱比锡RB在该领域占据优势。红牛是第一个组织第一次威胁性进攻的人。 Nkunku做出了倒三角形的十字架,Olmo推了推,被Kikiwitz挡住!在第34分钟,奥格斯堡向右开任意球,斯特罗布(Strobl)跳高并摇了摇头,攻入球门,但球的速度太快,无法吃到正确的部分。上半场末,莱比锡RB率先打破僵局!奥尔莫从右边传开,身材不太高的安吉利尼奥(Angelinho)推入并用头球顶住弗朗贝格(Framberg)射门得分! 0-1!红牛以进球领先进入下半场。

The easy side fought again. In the 47th minute, Hahn started the ball from the right. Gregory missed the point. Kalizuri followed the long shot and was resolved by Gulacic. In the 53rd minute, Fosberg got rid of the defense and took a low shot with his right foot from the far corner, and the ball went out of the far post. In the 60th minute, Red Bull was only one step away from the goal! Nkunku's positioning kick caused confusion in the Ao Borg penalty area, and Pamecano shot through the Kikewitz wicket from close range. Pedersen blocked the ball to clear the danger zone in front of the goal line! In the 66th minute, Augsburg made a mistake in the backcourt pass. Olmo put the ball to the left rib of the penalty area. Paulson inserted the ball without stopping and volleyed the shot. Look at the ball and sigh! World wave! 0-2!

轻松的一面又打了。在第47分钟,哈恩从右边开球。格雷戈里错了要点。卡里祖(Kalizuri)追随远射,被古拉西奇(Gulacic)解决。在第53分钟,福斯伯格摆脱防守,右脚从远角低射,皮球飞出了远门柱。在第60分钟,红牛离进球只有一步之遥! Nkunku的定位球在Ao Borg禁区造成混乱,Pamecano从近距离射门通过Kikewitz小门。佩德森将球挡出,清除了球门线前面的危险区!在第66分钟,奥格斯堡在后场传球中犯了一个错误。奥尔莫将球踢到禁区的左肋。保尔森不停插球,凌空抽射。看着球,叹了口气!世界浪潮! 0-2!

In the 69th minute, Gregory swept across the center on the left, and the ball hit Pamecano almost refracted into the net. In the 71st minute, Leipzig continued to work high in the Ao Borg penalty area. In the 77th minute, Olmo picked a pass, Paulson was single-handedly saved by Kikewicz. Then Leipzig used penetration to feed Paulson a single-handed ball, but the final shot was blocked by Udokai. In the 82nd minute, Vargas exquisitely hit the left, Niedrechna single-handedly pushed the far corner and Gulacic pressed under him.

第69分钟,格里高利(Gregory)横扫了左侧的中锋,皮耶卡诺(Pamecano)的皮球几乎扑入了球网。在第71分钟,莱比锡在Ao Borg禁区继续努力。第77分钟,奥尔莫(Olmo)接过球,鲍尔森(Paulson)被凯克维奇(Kikewicz)单手救出。然后莱比锡使用穿透力给鲍尔森喂了一个单手球,但最后一杆被Udokai挡出。在第82分钟,巴尔加斯巧妙地将球踢向左侧,尼德雷赫纳单身地将球推向远角,古拉西奇将球压在他身下。

At the end of the game, Leipzig defeated Augsburg 1-0 in the away game, taking all three points while continuing to lead the standings!


弗赖堡 1-1 云达不莱梅

弗赖堡 1-1 云达不莱梅

At 21:30 on October 17, Beijing time, Freiburg played at home against Werder Bremen.


In the 15th minute, Freiburg had a right corner kick. Heller took the ball from a long distance and then swept to the middle. Linhart's coquettish heels passed the ball to the goal! 1-0! Freiburg takes the lead!

在第15分钟,弗赖堡右脚踢出一脚。海勒从远处拿起球,然后将球扫向中间。 Linhart的风骚脚跟将球传到了球门! 1-0!弗莱堡率先!

In the 20th minute, Roland Sauloy put the ball in the back of his head and gave Schmid the ball. The latter inserted a burst shot from the far corner and succeeded! Unfortunately, VAR decided that Freiburg was offside first and the goal was invalid. Misfortune never comes singly! There was another wave on the court in the 25th minute! Hefler brought Bidangu down in the restricted area and the referee imposed a capital punishment! Phil Kruger made the penalty! 1-1! This is the fourth Bundesliga goal this season!

在第20分钟,罗兰德·索洛伊(Roland Sauloy)将球放在脑后,施密德(Schmid)将球给了。后者从远处射出一发连射,成功了!不幸的是,VAR认为弗莱堡首先越位,目标无效。祸不单行!第25分钟,球场上又掀起了一波热潮! Hefler将Bidangu放到禁区内,裁判判处死刑!菲尔·克鲁格(Phil Kruger)犯规! 1-1!这是本赛季第四个德甲进球!

In the 40th minute, three consecutive shots by Bidancourt, Sargent and Walter Marder were rejected by Freiburg's goalkeeper and defender! In the 42nd minute, Grifo made a back cut from the left and was rescued by Pavlenka! In retrospect, Augustine Song made a pass from the left and Phil Kruger's header was caught by goalkeeper Mueller. In the 44th minute, after Griffo broke through continuously, he turned and hit the goal on the left rib of the penalty area and was magically resolved by Pavlenka again! At the end of the half game, the two sides drew 1-1.

在第40分钟,弗赖堡的守门员和后卫拒绝了Bidancourt,Sargent和Walter Marder的三连射!在第42分钟,格里福从左侧切入后脚,被帕夫伦卡营救!回想起来,奥古斯丁·宋从左边传球,菲尔·克鲁格的头球被门将穆勒抓住。在第44分钟,格里菲(Griffo)连续突破后,他转身将球射向禁区左侧肋骨,再次被帕夫伦卡(Pavlenka)神奇地解​​决!半场比赛结束时,双方战成1-1。

The easy side fought again. In the 61st minute, Augustine Song made a pass from the left, which was higher than Danggu's header from close range! In the 64th minute, Movald shot a kick outside the penalty area, and Muller did not dare to neglect the ball out of the penalty area. Freiburg then compressed the formation forward and tried to score. In the 72nd minute, Schmid and Zheng Youying had a wonderful 2 over 1 match, and Pavlenka used his foot to block the goal from a small angle. In the 75th minute, Gunter started the ball from the left, Zheng Youying shook his head and shot above the crossbar.

轻松的一面又打了。在第61分钟,奥古斯丁·宋(Augustine Song)从左边传出一球,这比当古近距离的头球得分高!在第64分钟,莫瓦尔德在禁区外射门,穆勒不敢忽视将球踢出禁区。弗莱堡然后压缩编队并试图得分。在第72分钟,施密德(Schmid)和郑佑英(Zheng Youying)进行了一场精彩的2比1比赛,帕夫伦卡(Pavlenka)用脚从一个小角度挡住了球门。在第75分钟,冈特从左边开球,郑有英摇了摇头,在横梁上方射门。

At the end of the game, Werder Bremen scored a 1-1 thrilling draw with Freiburg in the away game.

比赛结束时,不来梅(Werder Bremen)在客场比赛中与弗莱堡(Freiburg)取得了1-1的惊心动魄。

Stuttgart 0-2 Herta Berlin


At 21:30 on October 17, Beijing time, Stuttgart was a guest in the capital to challenge the old Bundesliga woman Hertha Berlin.

北京时间10月17日21:30,斯图加特(Stuttgart)应邀来到首都挑战德甲老将柏林柏林(Hertha Berlin)。

The game only lasted for the 8th minute. Coulibaly and Lekki ushered in a direct dialogue on the 7th, Stuttgart almost broke the deadlock! Coulibaly passed the opponent easily and sent a cross, Karadzic hit the goal frame with a header! After all, Stu finally pierced the window paper! In the 9th minute, Didawi took a free kick and Kempf headed the ball into the net! 0-1! The first half of the game came to an end, Berlin Hertha continuously used set-pieces to threaten Stu's goal, but unfortunately they failed to break the gate guarded by Kobel.

比赛只持续了8分钟。 Coulibaly和Lekki在7日迎来了直接对话,斯图加特几乎打破了僵局! Coulibaly轻松地通过了对手并送出了一个十字架,Karadzic头球攻门入网!毕竟,Stu终于刺穿了窗纸!在第9分钟,迪达维任意球,肯普夫将球带入网中! 0-1!比赛的上半场结束了,柏林赫塔(Berlin Hertha)不断使用装备来威胁斯图的进球,但不幸的是,他们未能打破科贝尔守卫的大门。

Easy side to fight again, Coulibaly crossed from the left, Karadzic's unguarded close-range header went too far! In the 53rd minute, Cunha stuffed the ball into the penalty area, and Cordoba turned around after holding Kempf to miss the close corner. In the 54th minute, Kobel's big foot in the backcourt was cut off by Luke Bakio, and Cunha kept up with the burst and was blocked by Kobel. In the 58th minute, Boyata's corner kick opportunity turned around and Wangyue regrettably missed. In the 66th minute, Luke Bakchio wiped Gonzalez and sent a cross. Cunha shot the ball from close range. In the 68th minute, Zefek was cut off with the ball in the backcourt, and Stuttgart quickly organized the ball into the third attack zone. Castro took the opportunity to score a long shot! 0-2!

轻松的一面再打,库里巴利从左侧越过,卡拉季奇的无人防守的近距离头球太远了!在第53分钟,库纳(Cunha)将球塞进禁区,科尔多巴(Cordoba)在握住肯普夫(Kempf)后错过了角球。第54分钟,卢克·巴基奥(Luke Bakio)切断了科贝尔在后场的大脚步,库纳(Cunha)紧跟爆发,被科贝尔阻挡。在第58分钟,博雅塔的角球机会转过身来,王悦遗憾地错过了。第66分钟,卢克·巴基奥(Luke Bakchio)擦拭了冈萨雷斯(Gonzalez),送出十字架。 Cunha从近距离射门。在第68分钟,泽菲克在后场将球切断,斯图加特迅速将球组织到了第三个进攻区域。卡斯特罗借此机会得分远! 0-2!

After that, neither side had a good chance, and the score was fixed at 0-2! The newly promoted Stuttgart gets another 3 points!


美因茨 0-1 拜耳勒沃库森

美因茨 0-1 拜耳勒沃库森

At 21:30 on October 17th, Beijing time, Bayer Leverkusen played away to Mainz, who was in poor condition recently. Only 250 fans are allowed to cheer for the team in this game.

北京时间10月17日21:30,拜耳·勒沃库森(Bayer Leverkusen)对状态不佳的美因茨(Mainz)进行了比赛。在这场比赛中,只有250名球迷为球队加油。

In the 7th minute, the pharmaceutical factory almost took the lead! Demirby’s set-piece was punched out of the penalty area by Zentner, and Bailey followed the hanging door to wipe the post and flew out of the baseline! In the 25th minute, Boetius crossed from the right, Burkat outflanked the far corner to hit the ball high! In the 30th minute, Pele took a right corner kick, Arario headed the ball to the goal, Zentner struggled to get the ball out of the goal line. However, according to the slow motion playback, the ball has crossed the goal line as a whole, and the goal is valid! 0-1!

在第7分钟,制药厂几乎领先了!詹特纳(Zentner)将德米尔比(Demirby)的固定装置打出禁区,而贝利(Bailey)跟着吊门擦拭了杆子,飞出了基线!在第25分钟,Boetius从右路越过,Burkat越过远角将球打高!第30分钟,贝利(Pele)右脚踢出一脚,阿拉里奥(Arario)将球带入球门,森特纳(Zentner)努力将球踢出球门。但是,根据慢动作播放,球总体上已越过球门线,并且球门有效! 0-1!

In the 33rd minute, Bailey knocked horizontally and Sinkergrafen shot wide on the back of his feet. At the end of the half-time game, the pharmaceutical factory temporarily leads by one goal!


Back at halftime, in the 52nd minute, Amili made a cold shot from the penalty area and was firmly held by Zentner. In the 57th minute, Arario received a pass with a header that was too positive for the goalkeeper. Then the two sides fell into a tug of war. In the 77th minute, Tapsoba dragged Onisivo, who had a single chance, and the referee sent off Tapsoba's red card. However, after VAR judged that Onisivo was offside first, the red card of Tapsoba was not established! The pharmaceutical factory escaped!


In the end, the whole game ended, and the pharmaceutical factory won the first victory of the new season with a small 1-0 victory. Mainz lost all 4 games and struggled in the relegation zone.


比勒费尔德 1-4 拜仁慕尼黑

比勒费尔德 1-4 拜仁慕尼黑

At 0:30 on October 18th, Beijing time, last season's Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich was a guest at last season's Bundesliga champion Bielefeld.


Shortly after the opening, Bayern took the lead to score a lucky goal! In the 8th minute, Bayern made a straight backcourt. Lewandg gave the ball to the penalty zone with a dexterous move. Muller knew how to insert the ball at high speed. After he got the ball, he chose to cross the goalkeeper. His pass was blocked by the opposing defender. , But it happened to come under his feet! The second baby immediately accepted the gift and slammed the ball into the net! 0-1!

开幕后不久,拜仁率先进球!在第8分钟,拜仁做了一个平直的后场。 Lewandg灵巧地将球传到了禁区。穆勒知道如何高速插入球。拿到球后,他选择越过守门员。他的传球被对方后卫阻止。 ,但是它恰好落在他的脚下!第二个婴儿立即接受了礼物并将球砸入网中! 0-1!

Facing Bayern’s offensive, Ortega was very busy. After making several saves, his ten fingers were quickly breached. In the 26th minute, Bayern launched a fast attack after a steal from the left. Gretzka found Lewand, who was on the edge of the penalty area. The Polish striker stopped the ball and kicked the ball directly into the net with a low shot! 0-2! With this ball, Lewandre reached the Grand Slam facing the 18 teams of the current Bundesliga!

面对拜仁的进攻,奥尔特加非常忙。进行几次保存后,他的十根手指很快就断了。在第26分钟,拜仁从左侧抢断后发动快速进攻。格雷茨卡找到了位于禁区边缘的勒万德。波兰前锋拦住了球,低射直接将球踢进了网中! 0-2!带着这个球,勒万德雷面对了目前的德甲18支球队到达了大满贯!

In the 31st minute, Biller got his first chance to score, and Kloss’s close-range shot was saved by Neuer! Immediately after Tang Anlu dribbled in the front court, he suddenly cast a cold arrow, Neuer fell to the ground and took the ball into his arms! Biller was still active even with two goals behind, but the next goal still belongs to the defending Bundesliga champion. In stoppage time in the first half, Muller passed the defensive player on the edge of the penalty area and then fell to the ground and passed the ball to Lewand. 0-3!

在第31分钟,比勒获得了第一个得分机会,诺伊斯(Kernel)拯救了克洛斯(Kloss)的近距离射击!唐安禄在前场运球后立即突然投出冷箭,诺伊尔倒在地上将球扑入怀中!即使落后两个进球,比勒仍保持活跃,但下一个进球仍属于卫冕德甲冠军。在上半场的补时阶段,穆勒在禁区边缘越过防守球员,然后摔倒在地,将球传给了勒万德。 0-3!

In the 48th minute, Ortega made a mistake and gave the ball directly to the Bayern player. After Levan took the ball, he chose to shoot Ortega in front of the small penalty area. The ball hit the crossbar and landed on the goal line. Outside! Biller escaped. But Bayern soon made up for it. In the 51st minute, Lewand crossed from the right rib, and Muller scored a shot in front of the goal! 0-4! Lewan Muller scored twice!

在第48分钟,奥尔特加犯了一个错误,将球直接传给了拜仁球员。莱文接球后,他选择在小禁区前射门奥尔特加。球击中横梁并落在球门线上。外!比勒逃脱了。但是拜仁很快就弥补了这一点。在第51分钟,勒万德从右肋处越过,穆勒射门得分! 0-4!勒万·穆勒(Lewan Muller)得分两次!

Bielefeld is very tenacious. In the 58th minute, Klose crossed the right flank of Tang Anlu in front of the penalty area. The latter swayed the defending player and sent the ball into the far corner. 1-4! Biller pulled one back!

比勒费尔德非常顽强。在第58分钟,克洛泽越过汤安鲁禁区右侧球门。后者摇摆了防守球员并且把球送入了远角。 1-4! Biller退了一步!

Since then, both parties have made personnel adjustments. In the 76th minute, Tolisso made a slippery tackle while defending Kloss and was sent off with a red card. But Biller failed to seize the opportunity again.


In the end, the game ended and the score was fixed at 1-4. Bayern Munich defeated Bielefeld with an absolute dominant performance and took all three points!


Monchengladbach 1-1 Wolfsburg


At 2:30 on October 18th, Beijing time, Monchengladbach played at home against Wolfsburg.


In the 21st minute of the game, there was the first opportunity to score. Hoffman made a cross from the right, Neuhaus headed the goal and the ball hit the left post! In the 35th minute, Kramer found Hoffman, who was unmarked on the right. The latter jumped into the penalty area at high speed, and attempted a shot from a small angle. At the end of the half-time, the two sides who played more plainly scored a goalless draw, and Borussia was more active on the court.


After changing sides to fight again, Wolfsburg finally got the first chance. Brecarlo cut in from the left and kicked the goal, which was resolved by Zomo. In the 58th minute, Mohammedi turned around and got rid of Gentle in the penalty area, and his close shot in front of the goal was blocked by Zomo. In the 63rd minute, Arnold’s long shot was struck by Zomo, and the ball fell to Baku’s feet, but his shot would miss the goal post. In the 78th minute of the game, the deadlock was finally broken! Lacroix returned a goalkeeper error, and the young Turam quickly followed up trying to laugh at the gift, but was knocked down by Castiles who attacked. Penalty! Hoffman took the kick and calmly pushed the ball into the lower left corner of the goal! 1-0! Castiles judged the right direction but was powerless.

在换面再次战斗之后,沃尔夫斯堡终于有了第一个机会。布雷卡洛从左边切入并踢出球门,佐莫将球解决。在第58分钟,穆罕默迪转身在禁区内摆脱了温特尔(Gentle),他在射门前的近射被佐莫(Zomo)封堵。在第63分钟,阿诺德的远射被佐莫击中,皮球落在巴库的脚下,但他的射门会错过球门柱。在比赛的第78分钟,僵局终于被打破!拉克鲁瓦回传了一个守门员失误,年轻的图拉姆迅速跟进,试图嘲笑礼物,但被进攻的卡斯蒂利亚斯击倒。罚款!霍夫曼(Hoffman)踢出一脚,将球冷静地推入球门的左下角! 1-0!卡斯蒂利亚斯判断了正确的方向,但无能为力。

There were more than ten minutes before the end of the game, and the deadlock was finally broken, but this was not the last goal! In the 85th minute, Verhorst received a pass from Baku in the penalty area and turned to hit the goal directly! 1-1! Wolfsburg equalized the score!

比赛结束前还有十多分钟,僵局终于被打破,但这不是最后的目标!在第85分钟,Verhorst在禁区从巴库(Baku)传出一张传球,直接转身射门! 1-1!沃尔夫斯堡将比分扳平!

At the end of the game, both sides scored a goal in the last ten minutes of the game, and finally the two teams shook hands and made a draw. Wolfsburg suffered four consecutive draws since the start of the league.


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